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 punjabis from pakistan are the most corrupt

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punjabis from pakistan are the most corrupt  Empty
PostSubject: punjabis from pakistan are the most corrupt    punjabis from pakistan are the most corrupt  Icon_minitimeMon 30 Jul 2018, 9:09 am

leechy, criminal minded ppl two pakistani punjabi women from us swindled me in the past one was some fucking paracha chinal and there's another bitch who cheated me with funds. 

these bastards are money hungry, sponges, looters, plunderers, thugs, thieves, embezzlers, scrounges, dogs, fraud, fake, and exm crafty, conniving greedy ppl on earth it's in their dirty blood to cheat ppl just like that fraudy witch bushra kutti swine scum bag douche bag twit gadhi 

....nawaz is another example of greed. bushy daayen will end up in jail too hee hee hee kutti 

for any success of the party i heard this whore takes full credit saying look it's me who did the magic ...iski amma ki cunt ka magic saali fraudy fake 

yeah yeah that whore is god so she does that magic of god to him....bhosdi credit leti har baat ka haramzadi uski gand pe laat maro sab mil ke saali ko pather kutia ka dum niklay tak zaani chinal ko awara badkaar scum of the world. 

folks these mfs are sponging off him his new /old wife that is. bushy randi chinal baap ka maal hai amma ke dhagde ka maal hai saali loot rehi hai usko 
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punjabis from pakistan are the most corrupt
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