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 nafeees moron

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PostSubject: nafeees moron   Thu 21 Jun 2018, 5:57 pm

it's still bothering you after 3 decades?? it's hurt your flabbergast ego right ? so you're still fuking dejected and sad and bitter and angry even at hina rani am i right whore? it's still hurting you istnt it aft so many years. 

oh my gosh i must've ...your f&&&&&& ego is hurt bitch ??
what to do you cant help it ...ab ro tu baqi thori se zindgi jo bachi hai ro saali kutia soovanri ro ...

ab mili toh kahin, tujhe main hath nahi lagaongi tujhe toh ass pe teri ab laat maaroongi chinal hehehe ....

tsk tsk bechari mar rehi hai jal jal usi sog mein gham mein dukh mein apni bruised ego ko le kar roti hai kutia raton ko hehe....

your ego's badly bruised that fateful day isnt it thats carried you all your fuked up life how despicable but, i am happy it's bugging you to no end and you're still seeking revenge on me hahahaa ....sun gadhi hai tu gadhi donkey shit head ...maghroor kutti ugly whore 

datri moti naak wali ugly kutia bandariya soovarni ...lol

ab dafa ho mere radar se nahin toh boston aake ke joote maaroogni scum....
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nafeees moron
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