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 alexander graham bell

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PostSubject: alexander graham bell   Wed 09 May 2018, 12:51 pm

he's born in scottland but, his family moved to canada when he's 23 and they lived here in canada where he experimented throughout his life on his invention.

it is here in Canada he worked on his invention and finally succeeded in his endavor of having first call made through telephony in on, canada. 

he lived all his life here in canada they gave up uk citizenship when they got canadian citizenship here. he may have visited in usa on vacations but, he heart and house always was canada. he still has property in n.s.

so folks he's essentially and canadian not scottish or american...so be proud canada he's ours and it's a canadian who invented telephone system. 1874.

he's canadian he's canadian he's canadian 
not american, guys.


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alexander graham bell
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