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 cjp nisar

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PostSubject: cjp nisar   Tue 08 May 2018, 12:49 pm

you have wide powers as the supreme court justice and you should execute it here, it's the call of the hour. 
if not you who else if not now when?
corruption is the mother of all crimes it's cancer that denies prosperity and progress. 

baton ghumayeeye!! 

i was just watching the news on tv and i must say you're doing a great job in cleaning up the mess created by the disqualified govt, i am very pleased with what you're doing but, there's a lot to done judge, trust me.

the job you're doing was supposed to be done by the disqualified govt unfortunately and there's a lot to be done judge, right from maintaining law and order in the country to investigating the scams. 

freeze all his, sharif's, assets at home and broad, put him/them in jail and bring back the money the public money like other countries did including india. 
this sounds like the mallya, the lalit, the neerav, the other fraudsters the only difference is, they're individuals looted the public and here you have the govt looting public money when the ppl dont even have basic necessities like clean drinking water how disgusting is that you tell me.

this is public money and you must get it back from these scammers/fraudsters fast. 

he's zillions in foreign accounts that rightfully belongs to the public, they've looted the public merciless all these years and they should be accountable and answerable to your court.  

all the best....and pls take care of yourself.

~~I am from you for you and will work for you
love you'll black/white/bown/yellow~~
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cjp nisar
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