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 elizebeth 11....

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PostSubject: elizebeth 11....   Sat 21 Apr 2018, 5:30 pm

she is not the queen of india or pakistan thank god we got rid of her soon as we got the inde.....there's no monarchy in india in any state. it's parliament system. india got rid of the monarch in 1950 and pakistan did in 1956 hee hee. so she's not the queen of these country

as for canada, stupid country still sucks her dont know why ....

and for charles nobody likes him so he's not welcome here in canada/india/pakistan. go away royals we dont like you.

[th]Country[Note 1][/th][th]From[/th][th]To[/th][th]Initial post-transition system[/th][th]Method of transition[/th][th]Royal Standard[/th]
 Ceylon[Note 2]19481972Parliamentary republicNew constitution
 Fiji19701987Parliamentary republicMilitary coup
 The Gambia19651970Presidential republicReferendum
 Ghana19571960Presidential republicReferendum
 Guyana19661970Parliamentary republicConstitutional amendment
 India[Note 3]19471950Parliamentary republicNew constitution
 Irish Free State / Ireland[Note 3]19311949[Note 4]Parliamentary republicAct of parliament
 Kenya19631964Presidential republicConstitutional amendment
 Malawi19641966One-party republicNew constitution
 Malta19641974Parliamentary republicConstitutional amendment
 Mauritius19681992Parliamentary republicConstitutional amendment
 Nigeria19601963Parliamentary republicConstitutional amendment
 Pakistan19471956Parliamentary republicNew constitution
 Sierra Leone19611971Presidential republicNew constitution
 South Africa19311961Parliamentary republicReferendum and new constitution
 Tanganyika[Note 5]19611962Presidential republicNew constitution
 Trinidad and Tobago19621976Parliamentary republicNew constitution
 Uganda19621963Parliamentary republicConstitutional amendm

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love you'll black/white/bown/yellow~~
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elizebeth 11....
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