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 Pakistan supreme court

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PostSubject: Pakistan supreme court   Tue 30 Jan 2018, 12:20 am

Zainab murder case, i think you first and foremost bring that killer to you court and under oath he must answer these questions fully 
1. How many men raped that little girl?
2. When did he or his accomplice kill her?
Who killed her? He or his accomplice?
3.when date/time he or his accomplice left her body on trash pile?
4. Did he or his accomplice made porn vids of her ?if yes where are they?
5. Does he work for darkweb or any porn sites?
6. Who killed her?
7. Where did he take her to that night from her house?
8, how many days he kept her alive and where?
9. How did he lure her?
10. ask him why did he kill her 

You know judge i dont trust punjab police dept what if they already coerced him?
I dont trust the police theyre corrupt to the core....

Andher nagri chaupat raj hai bhei wahan

Allah hi hafiz hai iss case ka.

~~I am from you for you and will work for you
love you'll black/white/bown/yellow~~
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Pakistan supreme court
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