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 batane ki toh tumko zaroorat nahin hai

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PostSubject: batane ki toh tumko zaroorat nahin hai   Tue 17 Oct 2017, 1:18 pm

offer is huge still i am not biting the bait
coz my eyes are set on other things better things
my honor
my integrity 
my wishes 
my wellbeing
my health and safety
my desires 
my image
my position 
my joy my happiness is all in your hands
now do not hesitate for a sec to come here now
do not malign my reputation my expectations of you
do not play with my honesty/integrity 

kyuke jo tum chookay ab ki main paataal mein giri phir iske swa aur koi charaah na rehega ke main usko goud mein giroon pakay huwe phal ki tarha ..you dont want that of course you dont ....show me your uncond love show me your integrity your committment action sincerity 
show me

easy rasta chhor ke ye dushwar raah apnayi hai kyuke main sar phiri hoon bohat 
unpredictable bhi aur intehayi egoist

~~main akela chal pada tha janib e manzil magar
log aate gaye aor kaarwaan banta gaya~~
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batane ki toh tumko zaroorat nahin hai
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