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 duff story sanad rehe ....

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PostSubject: duff story sanad rehe ....   Sun 08 Oct 2017, 7:01 am

I think he implied that haha iam making this up about my
Rage against duff...well if i were to makeup gadhe, id not go to pk instead wouldve picked tom, or brad for that matter....that man's dying for me not since recently but for a long time ...you're in denial asshole jus like your fuking grannny ....ask the man instead give him quran to swear on ask his media hls frnds or ask dk sb....
The man is head over heels in love...the man is crazy about one person only ....ask him.....
Sun re dhaid meri jooti ko bhi gharz nahin padi uske peche jane samja....tum hi log chato uski wealth ko status ko ....

I made a bad mistake by stopping him in the middle when he on national tv proposed to me  shouldnt have stopped him let him take my name so that today i'd had a proof a sanad ...or when he wanted to go public professing his undying uncond love for me on tv in december aft his divorce today i would've had that proof too......too bad i acted too immaturely then ...didnt know then that the prove is so important in these matters...

Should not have stopped him the first time he went public on nat tv....should not have and today that  would've been my biggest proof....dont know why i dumbly stopped him....

he's going to take my name then he's going to say hina is who i want to marry hina is who i love with all my heart and soul hina's my soul mate hina is the one i am dying for yearning for since 2004...hina is the IT girl hina hina hina hina is the one i am dying for all these years ...hina it is....
dont open the pandora box gadhe ....lets look at her standstill career now hmmmm...who can she work with besides that fat nosed kaala ajay huh....akshay ? well he never liked that whore to begin with he's going after 20 somethign girls so he's out of question all three khans have never showed any interest in her prime so now she's their didi lol....they wont even work with as sister ....ok so now who's left for her age bracket to work with oh nana yes he can work with the hooker in marathi movies duh....and some more regional guys in their 50s can work with this bitch ....thats all no top actor from bollywood can be paired with her coz she's passed her time she's in her late 40s she needs somebody older ....how about amtul again ? oh he wont work with her now as his partner so now you're done she has no one her age suited to work with and there're no stories suited for late 40s woman...

besides who'd pay to watch this ugly shit in a movie theatre|?? keep dreaming ....she always played second fiddle or third fiddle in hindi films except for those low ver low budget cgrade films like chandnibar etc etc....

who will take her as heroine tell me ?? she's no market yaar no offers no films except that modor fucking imran marking for her ghafla he wants to lose money ...let him.....

farhan uska beta lagta lol....
ayushman uska kiddo bro he hehe..... lets say even if you make it your bio again in hindi who'll watch it in india ?? there's exm anger/resentment/hatred for all pakistanis no one is gonna watch your film even if it's your life story ab raha pak mein bo biz voh rehega zero zilch hehe kyuke voh industry abhi incubator mein hai koi paisa waisa nahin milne wala ....

aur kaun play karega tumhe bolly mein ?? ajay moti naak wala ?? ya koi aur dhagda chun liya hai chinal ne ?? 

so it's sifar

khud hi baith ke dek lo ha haha ghar mein ....

~~main akela chal pada tha janib e manzil magar
log aate gaye aor kaarwaan banta gaya~~
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duff story sanad rehe ....
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