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PostSubject: ALEEMA Khan:   Sat 25 Mar 2017, 7:38 pm

please talk to your brother and help me i do not wish to marry him i have no desire to marry him...i am happy here. i do not wish to live there, he should not stop the man i want to marry. 

he should mind his (*(((* business and leave me alone. i want him to stop bugging the man i want to marry i want him out of my way. i do not wish to meet him and i do not want to live there so why is he bugging me then??  he should live with his wife and leave me alone. 

why is he chasing me after marrying that woman? this must stop otherwise i'll get really really nasty and say ugly things to him if he doesnt stop.  this is going on since july the man i want to marry is trying to visit me each month and each month your mental brother screws him big time. i cant take it anymore coz i have to get married asap....

look i am not his property i am not even married to him thank god,  he cant stop me from marrying anyone i wish he cannot.  I dont accept polygamy.

please help...... counting on you.

~~main akela chal pada tha janib e manzil magar
log aate gaye aor kaarwaan banta gaya~~
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