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 us election: russia's meddling

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PostSubject: us election: russia's meddling   Sun 18 Dec 2016, 12:05 pm

i'd say so ..it's a clear indication that russia is involved in it and needs a thorough investigation fast. 

get your FBI/CIA sift through every evidence they got at hand. 

[size=32]russia; is def behind that us election yes and it managed to change the mandate so in other words it's entered in us[/size]
[size=32]politics so whats next if they can do this ? along with that modr fucking assange soovar who's rotting in peruvian emb....sob of bitch why doesnt he face the charges if he's inno? hiding behind his mom's skirt mf mc...[/size]
[size=32]if it [russia] messed around with the US election just imagine what can it do to a country like india....omgosh it's scary.[/size]

[size=32]in fact congress should launch
an in-depth inquiry into this ...it's a big issue guys.
FBI/cia should sift through every evidence they've
about fucking russia's involvement. [/size]


~~main akela chal pada tha janib e manzil magar
log aate gaye aor kaarwaan banta gaya~~
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us election: russia's meddling
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