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 jinnah must be rolling in his grave

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PostSubject: jinnah must be rolling in his grave   Tue 04 Oct 2016, 5:53 am

at the fucking state of affairs in his so called peaceful country. it's a mistake india should never have been divided. look at where are you now after decades exporting terror and proud of it shame on your non existing morals and values and shame on you all who so proudly call yourselves pakis aaaq thoo....india's been giving you free water for 60 yrs assholes and you have no shame to thank her ...now shame to acknowledge it ...india's was doing a big favor to you pigs by allowing its water into your enemy territory and what you terrorists did ? 
you bomb us numerous time you attack our borders shameless rotten dogs ....kutte soovar kahin ke zaleeltareen qom mathipade tum pe aameen...big mouths india ko threat karte ho madar fuckers?? 

india should never have been divided never....india gave you its piece of land kameenon be grateful to it and stay humble forever ma ke **&*&*& stay humble and talk with your head bowed down to india. besharm kutte ehsanfaramosh kamzarf ...kamzarf ho tum log...

~~main akela chal pada tha janib e manzil magar
log aate gaye aor kaarwaan banta gaya~~
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jinnah must be rolling in his grave
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