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 lolz...during this debate

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PostSubject: lolz...during this debate    Thu 29 Sep 2016, 11:44 am

afghan political analyst naseer ahmed tariqi addresses one of the pak guest as mr. pakistani. perhaps he didnt know the name and they're the pakistanis keep insulting him by calling him a refugee and by saying they covered their women how disgusting. nobody wants to be a refugee by choice nobody likes to be called by that name.
how dare they use those epithets agains them?? this is so cheap yaar. 
this animal shafqat saeed is so fuking rude to all each time he's on ....
he so fuking loud and idiotic that he makes fool of himself and he's so ugly. 

bheja hi nahin hai pig ke sar mein ...kuch bhi bakta hi rehta hai iski maa ka pookla madda 

joote maro saale ko....

~~main akela chal pada tha janib e manzil magar
log aate gaye aor kaarwaan banta gaya~~
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lolz...during this debate
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