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 rebuilding syria: why should saudi pay ??

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rebuilding syria: why should saudi pay ?? Empty
PostSubject: rebuilding syria: why should saudi pay ??   rebuilding syria: why should saudi pay ?? Icon_minitimeMon 24 Dec 2018, 8:30 pm

assad bombed it  US bombed it russia iran bombed it, so all three must cough up for rebuilding, just checked his account assad's 550m so he can pay and russia is very rich it can chip in so can iran which has loads of oil money... all four must pay no need for saudi to pay. 

saudi, pls do not pay a penny you can help rebuild pakistan's economy you can take greater part in pakistan instead of china. you can get rid of china from there you're a muslim and rich nation you can help your brother. china's twisting its arm pls get into pak. 
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rebuilding syria: why should saudi pay ??
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