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 canada, id fire that immigration minister first

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PostSubject: canada, id fire that immigration minister first   Yesterday at 8:25 am

he must go and then trudeau in the next election...we want him out and fast, his immigration policy is a total failure, these immigrants are not going to stimulate the economy rather burden it further. 

theyre coming from countries like Ethiopia, congo, nigeria, eriteria, yemen, iraq, syria,  sudan, somalia, ghana etc having no education, skills or trade degrees, they go straight on welfare from day one and live on it forever and trudeau's paying them cash on top.
they live rent free and costing us tax payers millions to accommodate them.

we dont need these criminals, drugtraffickers, rapists, murderers from those countries. we simply dont need them...who knows what we re getting.

all refugees must be admitted on their skills and employability. whites are easier to integrate and find jobs than colored ppl 

so allow white, educated, highly skilled refugees into the country. 

christians would be safer bet coz theyre not going attack our country and wont turn into terrorists, they're very peaceful ppl i love christians so admit white professional christians.

~~I am from you for you and will work for you
love you'll black/white/bown/yellow~~
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canada, id fire that immigration minister first
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